Project Description

Trilab is providing specialised testing of ground investigation works for the footings and surrounding area for Hydro Tasmania’s Cethana Pumped Hydro Project located in the north-west region of Tasmania.

Cethana was selected as the preferred site because of its deep storage capacity, cost-effectiveness and higher technical certainty, environmental and social sustainability and flexibility in sizing and capacity. The project will use the existing Lake Cethana as the lower storage and a new upper storage would be built along with an underground power station and underground tunnels connecting the two. The project will have a generating capacity of 750 MW and a storage capacity of 20 hours with construction taking approximately six years.

Large volumes of the relatively rare clay mineral halloysite are present at the site. The high water content of this mineral presents problems for some analysis using traditional methods.

Trilab’s ability to run customised trials along with our extensive suite of specialised soil testing will allow Hydro Tasmania to gain a better understanding of soil behaviour and local geotechnical characteristics at the site.

As the Australian electricity market’s switch to renewable energy accelerates, there is an increasing focus on pumped hydro to supply electricity on demand in periods where traditional renewables are not available.

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