Project Description

Paradise Dam is located approximately 80 kilometres southwest of Bundaberg in the Wide Bay-Burnett region of Queensland, Australia. Constructed in December 2005, the 300,000 megalitre dam has been operated by Queensland government-owned corporation and bulk water provider, Sunwater.

Sunwater, along with its partners and independent experts were required to develop a bespoke and world-first testing program. Results from the testing program show that Paradise Dam was built with a far higher percentage of clay than the vast majority other roller-compacted concrete dams in the world.

Trilab’s team conducted extensive shear strength testing of concrete samples from the existing dam wall. Testing by Trilab, and analysis of the results provided experts with crucial insights that ultimately led to recommendations that the existing wall cannot be repaired or reinforced.

Three unexpected new issues were identified regarding the long-term strength and quality of Paradise Dam’s concrete, stemming from its original construction. The issues identified are swelling clay, cement leaching and carbonation.

In January 2024, the Queensland Government announced Sunwater would begin planning for an entirely new wall at Paradise Dam.

Paradise Dam Fact Sheet Long Term Concrete Strength Issues And Replacement Dam