Project Description

Over the past 12 months Trilab has been closely involved in the geotechnical testing of a large volume of drill core from the Wafi Golpu Joint Venture feasibility program.

This core has been transported from the highlands in Papua New Guinea to Trilab’s Rock Mechanics laboratory in Brisbane. The core was subjected to a variety of tests within the laboratory.

Multi stage rock triaxial tests were carried out using Trilab’s high capacity rock triaxial equipment which allows for full strain rate control and confining pressures up to 140MPa with on sample strain measurements.

UCS testing was also carried out using this state of the art equipment; utilising strain rate control and on sample strain measurements allowing for Elastic Property determination and post peak failure analysis.

Direct shear tests on intact core were undertaken using the Rock Mechanics laboratory’s servo controlled high strength shearbox.

As an addition test, Block Punch Index testing was also developed within the laboratory in order to help characterise the rock mass strengths without the interference of numerous pyrite filaments found throughout the rock core.

This culminated in a visit to Trilab’s laboratory by the South African based project reviewer.

“Many thanks for allowing us to visit your labs this afternoon. I must say I’m very impressed. Having been used to the CSIR(South Africa) rock testing labs run by Uli Volgler, what I saw today is equal if not better.”