Our Specialised Testing Services

Trilab has established itself as a leading specialised testing service. We provide innovative soil and rock mechanics testing solutions and services to international clients in the mining, exploration, engineering and infrastructure development industries.

Our expert team of laboratory technicians perform specialised testing services which generate high quality data for clients to guide their decision making on major projects.

Civil and geomechanical engineers and engineering consultants engage Trilab on behalf of mining and resource company clients. Our independent, professional laboratory is trusted to provide an expansive and commercially focused technical testing program of soil and rock characteristics.

Trilab soil testing capabilities include triaxial strength and consolidation, permeability testing, compaction testing, classification and index testing, dispersion and chemical testing.

Trilab rock testing capabilities include triaxial and uniaxial strength testing, direct and indirect tensile strength testing and direct shear testing.

Specialised Rock Soil Testing Australia
Specialised Rock Soil Testing Australia

Expert Partner Network

Utilising our expert partner network, we can also provide our valued clients access to the following specialist services:

Geochempet Services

The Geochempet Services laboratory covers the complete range of petrographic and geological analysis and produces more than 2000 technical reports and 3500 thin sections annually.

Geochempet Services are specialists in petrographic assessment, geochemical analysis, quarry assessment and certification, concrete analysis and engineering investigation, XRD and XRF analysis, geological field observation and thin section services.

Contact Geochempet Services or visit the Geochempet website.

Sunshine Coast Specialised Testing Laboratory

Our specialised testing expert partner laboratory based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast performs specialised laboratory tests not regularly offered by most materials testing facilities. When a project requires an unusual test method, this team can help.

The laboratory’s environmental scientists provide clients with a full range of investigation and management services including:

Soil Particle Density Testing Australia

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