Acid Sulfate Soils Testing

Our specialised testing expert partner laboratory located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast offer a full range of investigation and management services relating to acid sulfate soils issues for projects.

Our team of environmental scientists design and implement field sampling programs, and our laboratory undertakes analytical testing in accordance with both the CRS and SPOCAS suites of acid sulfate soils testing.

The team are highly experienced in producing independent reports of test results with detailed Acid Sulfate Soils Management Plans, including advice on best practice processes tailored to the specific circumstances of your project.

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What are Acid Sulfate Soils?

Acid sulfate soils are naturally occurring soils, sediments or organic substrates which have oxidised and become acidic. These soils can be formed under waterlogged conditions, or from a source of sulfate from seawater or saline groundwater.

These soils contain iron sulfide minerals or metal sulfides. In an undisturbed state below the water table, acid sulfate soils are usually not a concern. However, when disturbed, acid sulfate soils can react with oxygen to produce sulphuric acid and pose a risk to water and soil quality.

Why test for Acid Sulfate Soils?

Soils are tested for acid sulfates to help environmental specialists understand and manage the effect of acid sulfate soils on water quality.

Acids and other contaminants can enter waterways and wetlands. The decline in water and soil quality poses a risk to human health, aquatic ecosystems, infrastructure, agricultural and recreational amenity.



Acid sulfate soil:  material or sediments containing sulfides which have oxidised and become severely acidic.

CRS: Chromium Reducible Sulfur method.

SPOCAS: Suspension Peroxide Oxidation Combined Acidicity and Sulfur method.

Submitting Samples – Working To Standards

Trilab is accredited to ASTM International, Standards Australia and standards associated with other jurisdictions. Trilab adheres to the testing methods defined by the standards.

For Trilab to complete tests to the appropriate standard, clients are required to provide samples consistent with the minimum quantities and parameters outlined in the Trilab Guide to Testing Sample Quantities.