Concrete & Aggregates Testing

Our specialised testing expert partner laboratory located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast perform tests on concrete and aggregate samples not regularly offered by most materials testing facilities. When a project requires an unusual test method, this team can help.

Specialist concrete and aggregate testing services range from chloride ion permeability on hardened concrete samples through to electrochemical testing of aggregates and specialised material classification testing.

Concrete Direct Tensile Queensland Australia

Investigation & Management Services

Our environmental scientists provide a full range of investigation and management services including:

  • Advanced soils and aggregate testing
  • Depth of carbonation testing on concrete core
  • Acid solubility of aggregate
  • pH of soil and aggregate
  • Electrical resistivity of soil and aggregate and erosion properties

Concrete Analysis and Engineering Investigations

Our expert partner laboratory Geochempet Services has led many in-depth engineering investigations in hardened concrete product failures and preventative research for leading construction and supply clients.

Geochempet’s experienced laboratory technicians can test samples to help identify deleterious alkaline silica reactivity and other common causes for deteriorating hardened concrete structures such as bridges, roads and building products.

Contact Geochempet Services or visit the Geochempet website.

Submitting Samples – Working To Standards

Trilab is accredited to ASTM International, Standards Australia and standards associated with other jurisdictions. Trilab adheres to the testing methods defined by the standards.

For Trilab to complete tests to the appropriate standard, clients are required to provide samples consistent with the minimum quantities and parameters outlined in the Trilab Guide to Testing Sample Quantities.