Geochemical Analysis of Engineering Geology

Trilab’s expert partner laboratory, Geochempet Services, specialise in the geochemical analysis of engineering geology for the exploration, mining and resource industries.

Geochempet provides our clients with detailed reports on a range of geochemical analyses used in the exploration, mining and resource industries. These reports include providing testing and interpretation and recommendations of the results obtained.

Geochemical analysis is the geological interpretation of results from multiple test methods including X-Ray Diffraction, X-Ray Fluorescence/Geochemical Analysis.

Analysis and interpretation of these results help scientists and geologists understand the characteristics and conditions for industry clients and their proposed project specifications.

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Geochemical Analysis Services

Geochemical analysis services at a glance:

  • X-Ray diffraction both qualitative and quantitative analysis with mineral, clay and amorphous content
  • X-Ray fluorescence and other geochemical analysis
  • Rock cutting and thin section services

For sample preparation information refer to the Petrographic Services page – Thin Sections section.

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X-Ray Diffraction

X-ray Diffraction (XRD) is a non-destructive technique to analyse physical properties such as crystal structure, phase composition and orientation of solid, powder and liquid samples. Many of these materials are made of tiny crystallites.

XRD is used to determine the underlying crystal structure of material for a range of applications to identify:

  • Crystalline materials
  • Fine-grained minerals such as clays and mixed layer clays that are difficult to determine by optical observation
  • Unit cell dimensions
  • Measurement of sample purity

XRD techniques include:

  • Qualitative XRD – Identification of single minerals or qualitative identification (i.e. – reported as major, minor and trace) of mineral assemblages including interpretation of results.
  • Quantitative XRD –Identification and quantitative estimates of the abundances (i.e. – expressed in nominal weight percent) of clays and other minerals in a rock or soil including interpretation of results.

X-Ray Fluorescence/Geochemical Analysis

Rock analysis, using different analytical techniques including interpretation of results.

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