Petrographic Analysis of Engineering Geology

Trilab’s expert partner laboratory, Geochempet Services, specialise in petrographic analysis of engineering geology for the quarrying, mineral exploration, and construction industries.

Standard petrographic reports typically provide identification, description of textures, shapes and structures, mineralogical composition and comments on suitability for proposed uses.

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Engineering Applications

Geochempet provides a range of petrographic analysis reports for engineering applications including:

  • Petrographic analysis on single rock type, sand, gravel, aggregate and hardened concrete – samples can be submitted as products or as a source rock
  • Petrographic analysis of sand for equivalent quartz content and free silica content and respirable crystalline silica
  • Petrographic screening of samples for the presence of asbestos to AS4964
  • Assessment of asbestos material by petrographic or SEM/TEM analysis
  • Secondary mineral analysis to AS1141.26.

Exploration Applications

For exploration applications, samples can be submitted to Geochempet as hand specimen, rock samples, drill chips or drill cores.

  • Brief exploration petrographic report
  • Detailed exploration petrographic report
  • Frictional ignition testing of a sample using Ward’s classification diagram.
  • Shape analysis (roundness and sphericity).

Petrographic testing can be performed to the following standards:

ASTM C295 | AS1141.26 | AS1141.65 | AS4964 | AS1726 | Q188 | ASTM C1721 | RMS T226 | ASTM D4992

For petrographic analysis of quarry applications refer to the Quarry Assessment page.

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