Quarry Assessment Services

Trilab’s expert partner laboratory, Geochempet Services, specialise in petrographic analysis of engineering geology for the quarrying, mineral exploration, and construction industries.

Quarry assessment services at a glance:

  • Rock material weathering classification
  • Secondary mineral counting
  • Shape analysis of sand, aggregate and crushed dust
  • Microscopic identification and grain counting of heavy mineral concentrates
Quarry Assessment Services Queensland Australia

Quarry Assessment and Certification

Geochempet has the experience and resources needed to get the job done for quarry site assessment for certification.

Geochempet provides the required reports and application for a number of the largest quarries in South East Queensland and North Queensland for QRS2, QRS3 and QRS4.

We can also assess and certify quarries to Q188 and ASTM C295 Standards.

Contact Geochempet Services or visit the Geochempet website.

Quarry Materials Assessment

Our quarry materials testing services include Quarry Registration Systems and individual tests for unique products, and regular compliance testing.

Our assessments will ensure your products are always meeting the appropriate project specifications and comply with any relevant standards.

Contact the Sunshine Coast Laboratory Team.

Submitting Samples – Working To Standards

Trilab is accredited to ASTM International, Standards Australia and standards associated with other jurisdictions. Trilab adheres to the testing methods defined by the standards.

For Trilab to complete tests to the appropriate standard, clients are required to provide samples consistent with the minimum quantities and parameters outlined in the Trilab Guide to Testing Sample Quantities.