Rock Mechanics Testing

Trilab uses state of the art technologies and equipment to perform various rock mechanics testing including triaxial and uniaxial strength testing, direct and indirect tensile strength testing and direct shear testing.

Civil and geomechanical engineers, geologists and engineering consultants engage Trilab as contractors working on infrastructure, resource exploration and mining project clients. Our independent, professional laboratory is trusted to provide an expansive and commercially focused technical testing program of rock characteristics.

The applications for these types of rock tests and the associated data and results help clients assess the impacts of slope stability of open cut mine projects, structural integrity of underground mining and tunnelling works, and the investigation of insitu rock mass for mining and commercial applications.

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Rock Testing

  • Unconfined compressive strength UCS
  • UCS with Young’s Modulus, Poisson’s Ratio
  • Point load index – both axial and diametral directions
  • Direct tensile strength for concrete core
  • Indirect tensile strength (Brazilian)
  • Block punch strength index

Rock Properties and Durability

  • Slake durability up to four cycles
  • Slaking and dispersion potentials
  • Rock porosity and density
  • Cerchar abrasivity
  • Rock swelling potential
  • Unit weight and moisture content

Advanced Rock Mechanics Testing

  • Rock triaxial single stage and multi stages
  • UCS with Young’s Modulus, Poisson’s Ratio and post peak analysis including sonic velocity
  • Sonic velocity – measurement of both P & S Wave
  • Intact and defect direct shear up to 100mm
  • Surface profiling – pre and post direct shear

Request Testing

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