Soil Mechanics Testing

Trilab conducts basic and advanced soil mechanics tests using the latest in-house geomechanical equipment to determine soil characteristics for commercial projects.

Our soil testing capability includes triaxial strength and consolidation, permeability testing, compaction testing, classification and index testing, dispersion and chemical testing.

The applications for these types of soil tests and the associated data and results help clients assess the impacts on mine waste management and rehabilitation for tailing dams, as well as ground improvement and reclamation studies of soil characteristics for tunnels, bridges and public infrastructure projects.

Simple Shears Soil testing Australia

Classification and Index Testing of Soils

  • Visual classification
  • Moisture content
  • Atterberg limits (including linear shrinkage)
  • Particle size distribution with hydrometer (including particle density)
  • Shrink swell index with swell pressure
  • Apparent particle density (specific gravity)

Advanced Soils Mechanic Testing and Permeability

  • Triaxial testing with pore pressure – 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 86mm, 100mm.
  • Critical state locus triaxial – isotropic, anisotropic and K0 consolidation
  • Repeat load triaxial

  • Triaxial permeability

  • Direct shear up to 300mm
  • Torsional ring shear
  • Cyclic and monotonic direct simple shear
  • Oedometer with particle density
  • Rowe cell consolidation and permeability
  • Collapse potential
  • Permeability falling head, constant head

Soil CBR and Compaction, Dispersion, Settling and Chemical Testing

  • Soaked and Unsoaked CBR including standard and modified MDD

  • 4 Point CBR QTMR – standard and modified

  • Maximum dry density – standard and modified
  • Percentage dispersion
  • Emerson class number
  • Pinhole dispersion
  • Column settling tests – drained and undrained

  • Air dried tests

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